Residential Door Maintenance and Service

Is your garage door not working properly? A Total Door, Inc. can help! We offer residential door maintenance as well as the following services:

Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage door is having trouble opening or closing properly then it’s time to get it serviced. Often times your garage door can be repaired and is usually more cost effective than replacing it. Our team of expertly trained ( & non commissioned) professionals can diagnose and repair your garage door opener in no time – any brand.

Track Repair

Garage doors can’t open or close when the track alignment is off. Whether it’s a loose bracket or a bent track causing the issue, our team can get the track or cables repaired in a timely manner.

garage door opener

Spring Replacement Suggestions

If your garage door is opening only slightly or if it’s making a strange sound, it may be time to replace the springs. Torsion and extension springs support extreme weight and no garage door can function without them. We can replace the spring in your garage door to get it back up and running quickly. Please don’t try to replace a spring yourself – can be very dangerous.

Don’t fall for the “free or very cheap” service call. Fly by night, guy-and-a-truck companies believe they can get in the door and then charge you $600-1200 for spring replacement. Weekends or emergency rates can double that and often we have to go out and fix it as they put the wrong sized spring on. Unless you have a very heavy, old wood door with commercial sized torsion springs, price should not typically be over $400 for a pair of springs installed, tax included. Stretch springs along the rails much less. 5 minute call with us and we can save you Big Time!

Remote and Battery Backup Replacement or Annual Maintenance

A garage door can’t function without a working battery when the power is out. When your battery fails, let our experts replace your remote and battery backup to have your garage back up and working properly. We can set up an annual plan to help keep the doors in great shape.

Watch out for the coupon companies!

Some Coupon advertisers get in your door cheap but don’t leave without a pound of flesh! One of these big garage door company advertisers in KC just tried to charge $1700 (3 levels of repair that went from $500-1700) to a customer who came to us with a broken spring. Door was fine, just needed a pair of springs and lube – we charged less than $400 total. Slick sale scams is not what you need, you need good people doing what’s right to fix your door. For 40 years, that is what A Total Door has been known for.

We service Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas.
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